Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The last full measure of devotion.

On a postal worker eMail list, a lady from California told
us of the death of her son, SPC Clay Farr,a cavalry scout
from California with the 10th Mountain Division in Western Iraq.
The next day at work coworker Russ mentioned,
"Today is an anniversary for me,
40 years ago today I left for Viet Nam."
"Welcome home, Russ. "

I believe that every soldier lays his life down
when he raises his right hand, and signs his name,
most of us get to pick it back up again.
An article in the Bakersfield paper talks of
Clay's selfless, earnest desire to serve his
country and community which shows that his life was
'laid down for his friends' long before it was ended.

I pray God's comfort for all of Clay's
family and friends, and I thank God for Clay and Russ,
there will be a free America only as long as
there are men like them in it.
"Welcome home, Clay."

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