Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kids these days

Some minor funnies from brother Chris:

When I came home for lunch today, Thomas told me "You're my camption!"Not sure what he meant, but he said it twice, so I know what he said.Champion?

The other day, we were watching the news, and they reported that the man who robbed a store in Waterloo was a 5'10 white male.I said,"hey, that's me, but I didn't do it!"CJ said, "You're not 5'10"I said, "I'm 5'10" with shoes on."Sean said "I'm Three."

I don't remember if I told you this one, but one day we were in the car,after shopping or something. We were discussing what to do next.I said, "let's go to bed, have ice cream and snuggle."Tina said, "shh, there's a kid in the back seat."Mackenzie said, "That's okay, I know you guys go to bed and have ice cream!"

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