Friday, March 17, 2006

Gas went up 10 cents today, who do we hate ?
More 'How not to Ruin Your Life'- Ben Stein
This guy has his finger on the future...
the article is datelined next Monday , the 20th!

The prices you pay for heating oil or gasoline aren't
set in boardrooms in Texas but in trading rooms at
commodities markets all over the world.
...So, when prices go up or down, it's not a conspiracy.

It's panic or confidence in the market.
It's just like what happens on the stock markets
every trading day -- greed or fear at work,
not at the companies being traded but on the exchanges.
The oil companies can either lose or gain from this trading.
... if we keep punishing the companies that in good faith
give us the energy we need to power our lives at market
prices -- which sometimes give them a big profit and
sometimes give them a small one -- eventually,
they'll go away. Or they won't have the ability
to do their jobs as well because of all the
restrictions we've put on them.

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