Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween with JFK, and JFK.

"..Ya know, Education.
If you make the most of it and study hard,
you do your homework and make an effort to be smart,
um, you,you can do well. If you don't,
you get stuck in Iraq."

When I heard this this morning,
I thought it might be a garbled attempt
at slamming the President with
what Christopher Hitchens calls
"the joke that stupid people laugh at",
that is, "Bush is so stupid...
(insert Herman Munster guffawing)."

And so, after a couple of press releases, Kerry
now claims this to be the case.
However; the Senator's history of troop bashing,
accusing American soldiers of torture and abuse in
the Vietnam war and in Iraq make his comment yet
another insult to soldiers. This time, of their
mental ability, education and effort.

Keep right on talking, 'Herman'.
Keep encouraging the terrorists
who must delight in your demoralizing attacks on our troops,
as they plan and carry out their deadly attacks.
How they must wish you sat in the White House!
Keep right on reminding Americans that your party cannot be trusted
with the defense of the nation.
Ironically, another Massachusetts Senator JFK was quoted on the
cover of the Veteran's day edition of the American Legion magazine today.

This country does not forget God or the soldier, upon both we now depend.
President John F. Kennedy- 1962

President John F. Kennedy in remarks to members
of the First Armored Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia,
November 26, 1962:
(The First Armored Division had been deployed during the Cuban crisis.)
"Many years ago, according to the story,
there was found in a sentry box in Gibraltar a poem which said:
God and the soldier, all men adore
In time of danger and not before
When the danger is passed and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.

This country does not forget God or the soldier.
Upon both we now depend. Thank you."

Because Sen.JFKerry denies the danger of leaving Iraq prematurely,
he disparages the defenders of freedom.
He believes the 'danger is passed',
and feels free to 'slight the soldier'.

Choose wisely next Tuesday.
Read "He said “WhaT”?!"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rally Time - 14 days

Tired of this?
Ready to counter-march?
You can-November 7th

May 1st, the"Day Without Immigrants" was a day
of marches and protests by people who ignore the laws
of the US, and their supporters.
I support immigration,
I oppose unchecked borders that are open to criminals and terrorists.

In Latin American countries,
disaffected masses rally in the streets to protest against
governments that are slow to deal with their grievances.

In the United States of America,
"We the people" effect change at the ballot box .

On November 7th, remember May Day,
and re-elect the Congressmen and Senators who passed the
border fence . It's a start.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

to the tune of "My Way"

There were six of us hanging on in Yahoo's Survival Football game,
in which you picked a team each week to win, but you could only
pick that team once.
I expected the Vikings to lose another road game , this time to Seattle.

Here is my swan song
With apologies to Sinatra...

Wrong Way

And now the end is here
the Vikings dropped the final curtain
My friend,
I'll say it clear
I'll state my case,
of which I'm certain
At the time,
I made the pick,
My confidence
Could fill a freighter.
Who ever would have thunk,
“Should pick the Raiders.” ?!

I have just one,
But that one, still hurts to mention
I picked a winning team
for six whole weeks with no exception.
I planned to win this game,
With careful steps along the highway,
But now, I fouled it up, I picked the wrong way.

For what is a man, playing for fun?
If not a win, then he is gone.
What will I say, how do I feel
I’ll compose a song, heart felt and real….
Now I log on ,
we ALL are gone!!
We picked the wrong way


The record shows,
We ALL were hosed.
We picked the Wroo-oo-oo-ng

Friday, October 20, 2006

Alleged Health, Inc.??

What a relief.
What a frustration.
What a fortnight.

My Bride went to the doctor's office about an
allergic rash, hives, that is , on her legs.

One false electrolyte result in the blood test,
(which was found to be normal the next day)
led to a 'false positive' EKG test in the office
(one funny zig that was supposed to zag but was fine on a stress test)
a 'false positive' ultrasound occurred at the stress test,
so we were kept in a state of anxiety for a week.
Until the heart catheterization and angiogram PROVED
that her sweet 46 year old heart had perfect coronary arteries.

What frustration
-that Three, THREE 'false positives' led to a 'necessary' heart cath and
angiogram so my Bride would not be classified as a heart patient.
- for Mary to go through a test with great potential risk
when the cardiologist said,"I don't understand why you are seeing me."
-to live in anxiety over problems that didn't exist.
-to have to pay yet unknown co-pays for these tests.
-to lose $400 - $500 in overtime pay to be with Mary
at these tests on my days off instead of working those days off.

What a relief
- to know that she has no heart problems
in what the(truly) kind doctors, nurses and techs
said was the 'gold standard' of cardiac tests...

Thank God.

Why Daily Kos, Olbermann, et al are who they are.

"Obviously, fruit loops do not know they are fruit loops.
Neither do they know that the other things
floating around in the milk alongside them,
are also fruit loops. "
- Silver Farr

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quiz: Spot the free nation.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I hope she believes that till she's through school, anyway.

At supper, Mary and I were chatting with the girls- 4th and 6th graders - about their friends, who they hang out with, what they talk about, etc. It was a nice time, and their older brother was at high school for a Homecoming Week bonfire,
so the girls could talk freely, without MSD-
(Male Sibling Disdain)
Mary asked our 6th grader, "What about the 'cute' boys?"

Rachel scowled,"There aren't any.
The boys are at our school are either ugly or immature!"
Mary and I laughed, I told Rachel that all of us are that way,
and some of us are both.
She can think that till she's through school .