Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The Lazy Half S Ranch was my Grandpa's name for the little acreage he had in Cheyenne, WY
and his last home in the Bitterroot area of SW Montana. He was a bright man, scientifically and technologically inquisitive. He dabbled in number theory in his retirement, publishing a work called,"A Diophantine Solution to the Pell Equation" which I don't claim to understand.
He died last year after a long losing battle with Alzheimer's
He would have loved the internet.

I read so many good blogs that inform and stimulate,
hopefully I can write one that does.

I make this solemn promise to my readers,
be they as constant as Wyoming wind,
or as rare as desert dew:
I will write to entertain myself,
even if it takes Haiku.

Yet another blog
Syphoning time and bandwidth
Lazy Half S Ranch
Terry Jim

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