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Or: How to tell a hero from a celebrity.

Follow the link below to the Home Of Heros, and follow the links on each page to read of some of America's famous names, and some you should meet- like Audie Murphy, Alvin York, and the man they named an airport in Chicago after.

-er,  no , not 'Midway Airport' .

 It will only take you a few minutes.

What Does A Hero Look Like?

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Muscles bulging, the All-American hero takes on the bad guys.  Bullets bounce harmlessly off him, explosions are mere nuisances, and nobody but the bad guys ever get hurt.  He has x-ray vision, can hear through walls, flies through the air, and is impervious to pain.  We watch their likes in cartoons, read about them in our comic books...then dream and wonder what it would be like to be LIKE THEM.  Alas, we realize in time, such heroes are only in cartoons....or are they?

arnold.jpg (5369 bytes)Fortunately, Hollywood has given us real, live heroes to watch and admire.  Muscles bulging, they take on the bad guys.  Bullets may hurt them, but they do no real damage.  Like the fictional Rambo, a Green Beret who has earned the Medal of Honor, these heroes whether male or female, are all tall, strong, and almost super- human.  Such heroes can stitch up their wounds with a sewing kit, battle successfully against incredible odds, and emerge almost unscathed from burning fires and horrendous explosions. 

Americans need heroes, men and women who by their incredible acts of courage can inspire us to follow in their example.   Unfortunately, when we look to the heroes of television and the big screen, we come away feeling inadequate.  In reality we quickly realize that we will always be too short, too skinny, too weak, or some other "too" to be like them.  Sadly, we have defined heroism as a quality posessed only by the strong, the powerful, the rich, or the famous.  In short, we have confused the word CELEBRITY with the word HERO.

Dennis Rodman
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A talented athlete, Dennis Rodman makes millions of dollars each year doing what he loves...playing basketball.  He stays in the finest hotels, has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world, and lives his life the way he wants to live regardless of who he offends.  He is best known for his multi-million dollar contracts, outlandish hair colors, strange clothing, body piercings, and of course, playing basketball.

Terry Kawamura

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Born in Hawaii, Corporal Kawamura was a combat engineer in Vietnam when his unit was attacked.  He saw an explosive charge stun two other soldiers, followed by a second charge that was thrown near them.  Realizing they were helplessly at the mercy of the second charge, Cpl. Kawamura threw his body on the explosive to save the lives of his two helpless comrades.  Cpl. Kawamura is buried in Hawaii.  He died at the age of 19.

What Does a Hero Look Like?

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