Friday, February 09, 2007

They're watching, Dad.

A great link came in the weekly eMail today. Check out the video !

A song by country music performer Rodney Atkins has been number 1 for four weeks now, and it carries a powerful message for dads. Atkins, 37, wrote it after a sobering experience when his son, Elijah, repeated some behavior he’d seen in his dad. See how Atkins told the story in the video for his song, “Watching You.”

To Think About ...

What does it mean that this song has been #1 for four weeks? It’s well-crafted and has a catchy tune, but clearly it has struck a chord, so to speak, that runs deeper with those who hear it.

Who among us hasn’t been caught by surprise when one of our children repeats our behavior—the good and the bad? Sometimes we need these reminders that we are important influences on our children’s values, and those values are often caught more than they are taught. We have to be good models. We have to be intentional about demonstrating what a responsible, calm, caring, self-sacrificing, character-filled father is like.

We suggest that fathers focus on three key areas when it comes to being models for their kids: emotional maturity, respect for women, and integrity. Read more on each of these—and get more action points—in the article on our website here. Or see this week’s resource specials for more on being intentional about teaching and modeling values for your children.

Link to FATHERS.COM ~ Watching You video

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WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya TJ!..dang I know this tune and luvvvvvvvv it...great vid and message too!
Have an awesome weekend!..:)