Saturday, February 24, 2007

A New Direction... Away From Victory...

I had written an elegant post to go with this- until Windows Explorer burped.
Oh well. Here it is in a nutshell:

Please read Wartime 'Agitation' . Here's a clip:

"As Mr. Waller observed, there clearly is a distinction to be drawn between constructive disagreement about the conflict in Iraq and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The former can be compatible with a genuine commitment to the troops and to their success, as well as their safety. It would, however, require the dissenters to propose other strategies for victory -- not simply the use of code-words for defeat, like "redeployment" and "regional diplomacy."


Let's remember why we fight . Let's fight to win.

Set aside the stories of Anna Nicole Smith's boobs* for a while and remember our troops, write your Congressman , ask him to oppose the terrorists mission for a change .

*(not her mammaries, the fawning, enabling, money grubbing vultures gathered over her corpse to fight for her $ millions- they are the real boobs here.)

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