Friday, February 02, 2007

Groupthink :: One Man's Reuters Is Another Man's Al-Jazeera


Play the 'Truth by Association' game at The Peoples Cube.

Construct wisdom or it's parody thusly:

One man's ___________ is another man's __________. claims that:

Additional five minutes of this exercise will give you enough experience to call radio talk shows and prevail in any debate. After ten minutes you will be ready to have your own talk show with Air America affiliates. Exercise for fifteen minutes, and you can work as a White House correspondent for the New York Times, ready to interview President of the United States.

Have fun with this one.

Here's what I posted:


One man's drudgery
is another man's delight.

One man's propaganda
is another man's 'trusted news source'.

One man's savvy punditry
is another man's annoying screed.

One man's 'slave-state Senator'
is another man's village idiot.

One man's 'News that's fit to print'
is another man's source of USA defense
secrets and strategy delivered daily to his cave.

One man's mahketing is anothah man's terrah threat.
(For non-Bostonians - One man's marketing is another man's terror threat.)

One man's minimum wage hike
is another man's pink slip.

One man's Global Warming Horror
is another man's nice day in January to wash the car.

One man's diminishing liberty
is another man's refreshing freedom from choice.

One man's insomniac rambling
is another man's reading.
One man's mediocre blog
is another man's

Got to go , Air America is calling to offer me a show...
One man's <i>Vox liberali</i> is another man's bankrupt batch of twits.  ;-)

Link to Groupthink :: One Man's Reuters Is Another Man's Al-Jazeera

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