Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You , You , You , You , You; Yeah ,You.


You were picked TIME' s 'Person Of The Year'.
Feeling better than James Brown , aren't you?

Well, since you are hanging around
online reading this, you can.

For TIME wasn't talking about 'you ' the farmer, grocer, clerk, salesman, etc.
Who merely: goes to work; is active in his faith; works hard- to pay taxes, support a family, raise good kids and doesn't burn hours up doing stuff like:

" ... make a movie starring (your) pet iguana,... mash up 50 Cent's vocals with Queen's instrumentals or blog about (your) state of mind or the state of the nation or the steak-frites at the new bistro down the street?
Who has that time and that energy and that passion? "

TIME's 'Person Of The Year' does , of course.
You know, You -
%The 20 year old narcissistic girl who 'has been known to drink and blog'
* The The Washington Whistle-Blogger who exposed Mark Foley.
#The 22 year old Pakistani Photographer
%The 22 Year old 'Social Networker'
-The 35 Year old" Wordsmith at War"
* Sen. Allen's " 'accidental' assassin"
#the 'Un-Emerils' of
+The 54 year old 'world's most prolific and influential book reviewer'
#The Chinese satirist
%-The Madonna Of MySpace
#The Laurel and Hardy of MySpace
#The French Cow Town Rapper
+The Wikipedia-phile
+The Korean Housewife/Matt Drudge or ,
@The 'World-weary'; 21 year old outfoxing Microsoft

*I guess TIME couldn't just throw a bone to the two guys
on this list who helped pull down the GOP in Congress,
but they found a way to honor them.

# The artistic folks are there to give the arts and croissant crowd something to chat about at the next cocktail party.

% The cute chicks are included because, well, duh.

@ The 21 year old inventor is there because he is chopping at the capitalist success story that is Microsoft.

- the Mil-Blogger's inclusion tosses a bone to "The American Soldier"-Two time winner of the honor.

+The work of chroniclers like these fortell doom for TIME Magazine.

Why buy that cow when you can milk the internet for information for nearly free?

Do they add value to the information they present? Not so much.

Does their worldview taint their reportage? Hmmmm...

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