Wednesday, December 13, 2006

... typing in syncopated rhythm.

Tap-a taaap..tapata tap ...
Tap a tap taptatata
Man! It's Christmas

Saw Jimmie Bratcher tonight at church-
Great Christmas Music- if you like blues guitar.
I do.

His band was there too -WOW!
I 'm listening to the Album:
"Man! It's Christmas" and typing in syncopated rhythm.

Check out the sound at
scroll down to the Listen Live tab to hear the album
and go to the Free Stuff
tab on top to get some downloads

He had a friend, Jennifer Green
( ) join with him on
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" - her husband is in the
Air Force and will not be home till January from Iraq.

Great voice. Great song. Poignant moment.

Prayers for all who, for duty's sake, won't be Home,
and for those who are missing them this year.

Let's win this war and bring them home.

Merry Christmas .

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angel said...

heh his voice reminds me of Randy Newman I