Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well, he IS less stiff than Al Gore...

Linked From "The Conspiracy to keep you Poor And Stupid"

The 2006 midterm election is over and Democrats have swept into both houses of Congress. We’ve got a Republican in the White House and Democrats in Congress, and yet, nobody really foresees real change in Washington. The time has come to find a third way. Some argue we should draft politicians to help change Washington.

After Vietnam, the last thing America really needs is another draft.

For years we’ve been looking above ground to find our candidates,

and for years they’ve been disappointing.

The time has come to start looking beneath the surface.

The time has come to exhume Barry Goldwater for President in 2008!

This website is dedicated that cause.


Angel said...

Hey TJ!...I love it..hey I'll have some capuccino too! for the smiles.

DoorFrame said...

As per your question on my site, I could definitely put together an Exhume Reagan sticker... or anybody, really, the design would obviously be fairly easy to modify. Maybe I should start an Exhume _______ website, sort of like a choose your own adventure dead candidate site.

If you promised to buy a few, I'd put together an exhume-anyone-you'd-like sticker.

brent said...

Oh my, I think I've found my soulmate in the blogger world. I just surfed by and sampled and poked and found it quite refreshing. You may not be old enough to remember Senator Goldwater but we definately need someone that has caught his mantle. The problem is the fickle couldn't handle him them and will only be able to when things get a lot worse.