Monday, May 15, 2006

"OK Houston, we've had a problem here."

I haven't had much time to post lately,
Mary's birthday, the usual soccer, baseball, softball whirlwind, etc.

Mother's Day we went to Henderson,NE for Mary's Niece's graduation and party.
Nice time, amazing how she has grown,
Caitlin is a gifted artist on her way to college.

We planned to be home around 11:30.
On the way home, the alternator quit,
we finally limped home about 1:30 am .

I felt a little like Jack Swigert in Apollo 13-
flipping switches and watching the ammeter closely .
We powered down everything but the headlights.

The battery was 5 years old, and fading fast so,
after a phone call to our mechanic friend Joe,
we stopped at Wal-Mart and I bought a new battery and tools.
(Dad taught me better than to travel without a few tools, ooops.)
Life's still good, it was late enough the kids slept throughout,
and left the worrying to the parents, as kids should;
and we made it home.
I got the old alternator out this evening after some struggle,
but need the pulley changed on it before I can put the new one in.
I got the pulley off the old one,
but I'll have to have the parts store get the other one off,
my old impact wrench wouldnt budge it.
Have to finish the job tomorrow.
Still cheaper than payments,
unless I need Prozac before the job is done.

As we were driving up I-80 with headlights fading, I asked Mary:
Q: What's worse than having to put an alternator in a paid for $2500 minivan?
A: Having to put an alternator in a $2500 minivan that you owe $5000 on.
Glad it's paid for.

While wrestling with the brackets, bolts, wires, power steering reservoir, etc...
Q:What's worse than changing the alternator on a 3.3 liter
Mitsubishi motor in a Plymouth V'ger?
A : &*%$#!! , NOTHING.


Chris said...

Been there, done that, so so many times!

Here's a vector to my new blog.

Just got it started.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Aw but u lived to tell the tale huh?

Terry_Jim said...

Yeah, like I learned in the Army,
the worse things are,
the better stories guys have to tell later.