Saturday, May 20, 2006

Laughter, the best medicine.

Larry posted this in a discussion about "The daVinci Code":

Here's what a minister friend of mine (who also has a Masters in ancient history) said about The DaVinci Code, which I think is quite fitting:

As a historical commentary on church history
and the life of Jesus it is so laughable
that I am embarrassed for every Christian,
especially pastor who has reacted to it so negatively.
For those who are doing special series like
Exposing the DaVinci Code Myth
or Debunking the Lies of Dan Brown
and his DaVinci Code, how about doing a series
called I'm Sorry that I have not taught
the basics of orthodoxy and church history
because I have been too busy teaching politics
so it is no wonder you are bothered by
something silly like the DaVinci Code.

The fact that there are Christians, and a lot of them at that, who can do anything but laught at the silliness in The DaVinci Code is a sad commentary on the state of Christian discipleship and the ability of the church to fulfill its teaching function. (Doesn't say much good about our school systems, either.)

Contending for the faith entails preparation to respond to questions from honest seekers of truth, and the books, DVD's, websites ,etc. that equip the church to do the work are worthy efforts. But, boycotts, other-cotts, and rage are less effective than laughter at sticking a pin in this puffed-up movie.

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