Saturday, May 20, 2006

Broken Hammer

It's funny that people who would never say,
"All I need to know about the Kennedy assination
I learned from 'JFK' by Oliver Stone."
or, "All I need to know about biology
I learned from the swamp scene in 'King Kong'. "
or "All I need to know about physics
I learned from Wile E. Coyote in 'Looney Toons'."

Will write as if all they needed
to know about Christianity is in "The daVinci Code".

The flick sure stirs up the anti-Christians
  • at the MSN movie review site.

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  • ( Caution- some reviews contain obscenities)

    The 'Code' is but another tiny hammer of thousands
    that have aspired to break the anvil
    for 2 millenia.

    The hammers wear out.

    The Anvil remains.

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    Terry_Jim said...

    From the comments page at VoxPopoli

    ...and even so, the Christian laments those lost to the sound of the hammering.