Saturday, May 06, 2006

Capitulate now

I think it's time to give in to the demands of the terrorists.

Yes, let's capitulate now and show the world what friendly
folks we Americans truly are!

For example: Moussaoui wanted to be a martyr-

I say- Yes!
Let's concede to his demand, immediatly.

Iranian President Ahdoosoreallywannajihad wants nuclear arms-
I say- Yes!
Let's deliver a few,
we have plenty and it would be wrong
to withhold them from our madcap friends in Tehran.
In fact the delivery systems are in place, it is as simple as pushing a button.

Let's not be so darned stingy and share some soon!

Can't we all just get along and give the Islamists what they demand?


WomanHonorThyself said...

lolz...ure so right on spot with this one...lets not hold back eh?..singin..u cant always get what ya want..but if ya try sometimes ya jus might find..ya get what ya neeeeeeeeeeeed!..grinz

Anonymous said...

you need to study your history more, and learn that actually the first nuclear centrifuges that Iran bought were sold to them by Americans. 1978.
Study some more, you know. You would not want to make such ignorant comments somewhere else. You know, for your own sake. Why should an anonymous care about YOUR white ignorance!?

Terry_Jim said...

Why should an anonymous care about YOUR white ignorance!?

Gee, thank you for caring about my (presumed white) ignorance enough to leave an anonymous comment. Very charitible of you.

Please tell me what was "ignorant" about my post? It wasn't an attempt at an exhaustive history of the Iranian Nuke plan.
Google one if you like.
It was an attempt at sarcasm.

Let me explain-
Bleeding hearts on the left want the US to swoon and bow at any sabre rattling threats or moronic letter writing of the Iranian puppet-of-the-mullahs, er , President.

Those of us on the right would have preferred the death penalty given to Moussaui and wish no compromise with people who are invested in the destruction of ourselves and allies.

The joke, you see, anon (can I call you that?) is that we CAN give in to demands and desires of the terrorists and islamic radicals with strong action against them.
A twist was, I don't want to send centrifuges , reactors, or uranium, just live weapons. Get it? HA,Ha,ha.

I am new at this blogging, I thought the tone of this post was clearly sarcastic.

However, to be perfectly clear,
I would certainly rather deliver nuclear weapons to Iran via cruse missile, airplane or FedEx than to allow the Iranian snakes to have the means to carry out their STATED threats to free people and nations.
Regards ,
A (presumed white)ignoramous