Friday, March 16, 2007

Sure, and ye know why the Irish ne'er took over the world...

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"The Irish Genie"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Which calls for sharing with you once again
To The Point's favorite Irish joke.
An Irishman was walking along a beach in County Cork one
day and noticed an encrusted bottle washed up on the sand.
Wondering what might be inside he broke it off at the neck
and out popped an Irish Genie.

"Oh, me man, I hah been in tha bottle for a hundred years,

and you be settin' me free!" he exclaimed.
"For that, I'll be givin' you two wishes!"

"Two wishes? Anything I want?" the man asked incredulously.

"Anythin' - just name it," the genie replied.

"Well, what I'll be wantin'," said the man, "is a glass of good Irish ale

- but a very special glass, so that no matter how much I drink
it will always be full of good Irish ale."

Poof! There it was in his hand. The Irishman drank and drank and drank,

and twenty minutes later, he hadn't made a dent.
The glass was still overflowing with wonderful Irish ale.

But by now the genie was getting impatient.

"Listen me man" he announced. "I'm grateful for you settin' me free,

but I was in that bottle for a long time and I've things to do.
So you'll be makin' your second wish now."

The Irishman thought for a moment, looked at the glass in his hand,

and declared, "You know, I think I'll have another one of these!"

...Sure, and now ye know why the Irish
ne'er took over the world...
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