Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Behind The Green Door

Ahhh, Spring.
Time to ponder the season's planting,
in the Lazy Half S Ranch's spacious 15 x 35 foot garden .

Still too wet here to till, too cold for most seeds,
too early to plant , but not too soon to plan.

Tomatoes, Basil, Lettuce, of course.
Perhaps Green Beans - been 2 years without them.

At least the weeds are planted.

I came across an article about gardening in war time:
Planting Hope
Gardening in times of war. BY JANE GARMEY

It's about gardens and landscaping done by warriors and affected civilians
from WW1 onward. read the book:
Defiant Gardens by Kenneth Helpland

"Kenneth Helphand's fascination with what he now calls "defiant gardens" began with this undated World War I photograph of soldiers in the French trenches flanked by their planting beds. Notice the use of twigs as ornamental borders delineating each soldier's plot. Helphand had this picture on his bookshelf for several years before deciding to pursue the meaning of gardens in such extreme circumstances, beyond their obvious use for food."

An article with great pictures is here .
~~my wartime 'garden' ~~
During Desert Storm, we had an area between the hospital sections behind the OR where sink wastewater runoff caused grass to sprout.
An unintentional garden, yet the little patch of grass was the only green in the nearby landscape, and a welcome sight- so much so that we made a way to access the area from our OR section, sort of a 'Green Room'.
The seeds of our thread bare lawn were there,
they just needed the coaxing of our liquid largesse to come alive.

A foretaste of what we referred to as 'greenout' - the overwhelming greenscape of home when we came home in late June of 1991.


brent said...

Man you're such a city boy - 15x35 is a toy garden.

WomanHonorThyself said...

if theres one thing I aint got TJ its a green a great weekend! :)