Sunday, October 22, 2006

to the tune of "My Way"

There were six of us hanging on in Yahoo's Survival Football game,
in which you picked a team each week to win, but you could only
pick that team once.
I expected the Vikings to lose another road game , this time to Seattle.

Here is my swan song
With apologies to Sinatra...

Wrong Way

And now the end is here
the Vikings dropped the final curtain
My friend,
I'll say it clear
I'll state my case,
of which I'm certain
At the time,
I made the pick,
My confidence
Could fill a freighter.
Who ever would have thunk,
“Should pick the Raiders.” ?!

I have just one,
But that one, still hurts to mention
I picked a winning team
for six whole weeks with no exception.
I planned to win this game,
With careful steps along the highway,
But now, I fouled it up, I picked the wrong way.

For what is a man, playing for fun?
If not a win, then he is gone.
What will I say, how do I feel
I’ll compose a song, heart felt and real….
Now I log on ,
we ALL are gone!!
We picked the wrong way


The record shows,
We ALL were hosed.
We picked the Wroo-oo-oo-ng

1 comment:

Chris said...

I guess this is a bad time for the Vikings joke I heard recently:

"Do you know why Iowa doesn't have a pro football team?

Because if we did, Minnesota would have to get one."

So it doesn't make logical sense, I thought it was funny.