Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween with JFK, and JFK.

"..Ya know, Education.
If you make the most of it and study hard,
you do your homework and make an effort to be smart,
um, you,you can do well. If you don't,
you get stuck in Iraq."

When I heard this this morning,
I thought it might be a garbled attempt
at slamming the President with
what Christopher Hitchens calls
"the joke that stupid people laugh at",
that is, "Bush is so stupid...
(insert Herman Munster guffawing)."

And so, after a couple of press releases, Kerry
now claims this to be the case.
However; the Senator's history of troop bashing,
accusing American soldiers of torture and abuse in
the Vietnam war and in Iraq make his comment yet
another insult to soldiers. This time, of their
mental ability, education and effort.

Keep right on talking, 'Herman'.
Keep encouraging the terrorists
who must delight in your demoralizing attacks on our troops,
as they plan and carry out their deadly attacks.
How they must wish you sat in the White House!
Keep right on reminding Americans that your party cannot be trusted
with the defense of the nation.
Ironically, another Massachusetts Senator JFK was quoted on the
cover of the Veteran's day edition of the American Legion magazine today.

This country does not forget God or the soldier, upon both we now depend.
President John F. Kennedy- 1962

President John F. Kennedy in remarks to members
of the First Armored Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia,
November 26, 1962:
(The First Armored Division had been deployed during the Cuban crisis.)
"Many years ago, according to the story,
there was found in a sentry box in Gibraltar a poem which said:
God and the soldier, all men adore
In time of danger and not before
When the danger is passed and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.

This country does not forget God or the soldier.
Upon both we now depend. Thank you."

Because Sen.JFKerry denies the danger of leaving Iraq prematurely,
he disparages the defenders of freedom.
He believes the 'danger is passed',
and feels free to 'slight the soldier'.

Choose wisely next Tuesday.
Read "He said “WhaT”?!"


WomanHonorThyself said...

Exactly Terri!..can u believe all this?..oh..when u leave a link, youre supposed to link to my post on your blog too..lol..great post !

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Terri...I re=read this post and its great!..the pic is awesome!.lol..thanks for addin the link by the way!..:-)

Amelia said...

Hey uncle Terry.... I like the pic of Frank- i mean- Kerry!

brent said...

I'm still laughing!!!