Friday, October 20, 2006

Alleged Health, Inc.??

What a relief.
What a frustration.
What a fortnight.

My Bride went to the doctor's office about an
allergic rash, hives, that is , on her legs.

One false electrolyte result in the blood test,
(which was found to be normal the next day)
led to a 'false positive' EKG test in the office
(one funny zig that was supposed to zag but was fine on a stress test)
a 'false positive' ultrasound occurred at the stress test,
so we were kept in a state of anxiety for a week.
Until the heart catheterization and angiogram PROVED
that her sweet 46 year old heart had perfect coronary arteries.

What frustration
-that Three, THREE 'false positives' led to a 'necessary' heart cath and
angiogram so my Bride would not be classified as a heart patient.
- for Mary to go through a test with great potential risk
when the cardiologist said,"I don't understand why you are seeing me."
-to live in anxiety over problems that didn't exist.
-to have to pay yet unknown co-pays for these tests.
-to lose $400 - $500 in overtime pay to be with Mary
at these tests on my days off instead of working those days off.

What a relief
- to know that she has no heart problems
in what the(truly) kind doctors, nurses and techs
said was the 'gold standard' of cardiac tests...

Thank God.