Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The president prayed fervently at the conclusion of his U.N. speech.
He prayed,
"Oh, almighty God, all men and women are your creatures and you have
ordained their guidance and salvation. Bestow upon humanity that thirst for
justice, the
perfect human being promised to all by you, and makers among
his followers and
among those who strive for his return and his cause."
Does the ACLU come unhinged ?
Do the Dems protest on behalf of the irreligious ??
Do the media cluck cluck about the overtly religious tone of the President???

Of course not, as it was President Ahmadinejad of Iran who prayed this.
But what is the striving? For whose return?

Blogger Bob Owens reports that President Ahmadinejad and the ruling Mullahs are part of a sect of Islam, the Hojjatieh, that is so radical that it was banned by the Ayatollah Khomeni in1983. They believe it is their responsibility to force God's hand- through chaos and bloodshed- to bring the return of 12th Shiite Imam, who they believe will reign in peace.

Mr Owens writes: "Because of the belief of the Hojjatieh that they can,
with human hands,
bring about Apocalypse, the significance of tomorrow's
date sets up in their eyes a divine opportunity that the rest of the world would
be wise to treat with all due seriousness. Considering the magnitude of the
threat, I would be quite unamazed if the long-range F-15I
"Ra'am" and F-16I
"Soufa" and other aircraft of the Israeli Air Force were not now sitting in
their hangers fully-fueled under heavy guard, wings heavy with the weight of the
most terrible weapons known to man, as Dolphin-class submarines and their
American counterparts patrol the Persian Gulf and
with their own cataclysmic payloads."

I heard a report of such readiness today, that the United States Navy is to
deploy submarines and minesweepers to the Persian Gulf by 1 October. The proper
response to this madman is to prepare to defeat him. The press has been largly silent about the motivations of the Mullocracy of Iran, preferring to blame President Bush or Israel for terrorism, as Mr Owens reports here:

"To admit the dangers of the intertwining of Iranian nuclear weapons
development with a radical and apocalyptic eschatology is to admit that
President George W. Bush is correct in his determination to prevent Iran from
developing the ability to effect a religious nuclear war. It is to admit that
there are far greater dangers to our freedoms than terrorist surveillance
programs and chilled members of al Qaeda.

To admit that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad means precisely what he says, and has said time and again, is to admit to larger dangers that neither the press nor the Democratic party they overwhelming support can admit.

To admit to the truth—to show what Iran and
its leader represent as a threat to the world—is to shatter a carefully crafted
illusion they have formulated that most of the problems of the world originate
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
When faced with revealing a truth that would
create cognitive dissonance, the media has made the subconscious decision to
simply excise, and then ignore, the facts that undercut their "larger truth."
They’d rather risk lives than admit the possibility that President Bush's
concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran are precisely on target.
They aren't scared about the possibility of millions of people dying.

They are far more fearful that the President is right, and that the world they've created for themselves is all too wrong."

What are we heading toward?

Time to get out the vote, and time for some fervent prayer of our own...

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