Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday Night Lights

Went to my Freshman son's High School football game with him tonight.
Well, not HIS game but the Varsity game.
Well, not WITH him, as he was running around socializing with his buddies, though he did deign to sit with his old Dad for a while in the third quarter, and even went on a coffee run for me .

Still fun, the teams fought a 30 - 40 mile an hour wind that brought rolling dust clouds off the South parking lot that even overcame the greasy smoke from the concession stand grill ( doesn't any body ever clean that thing?)
It's neat to watch the kids being kids, lots of them there from elementary aged on up.
The PeeWee league in the neighbor hood has two teams that wear the High Schools colors, and the boys get in free when they wear their jerseys.
The Junoir High boys 8th Grade team was honored at halftime by lining up on the track, and waving to the crowd as their names were read.

The band played on through the wind and dust,
and only one flag was dropped by the flag corps-
No one injured, thankfully.
But, who let that guy in the flag corps?
Strange world.

The fourth quarter was either delayed or cancelled due to nearby lightning, though nothing severe reached the stadium . Steve and I bailed out of there to beat the crowd.

Neat slice of America.
The Home Team lost, but played hard.
Lots of proud parents were there , watching and videotaping their kids
in the band, or the game, or cheerleading, or dancing.

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