Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crikey, we don't want any "bright sparks" or sappy singing

I was saddened at news Steve Irwin's death.
I enjoyed his boundless enthusiasm, and his show was like an ADD version of
"Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" -- None of that Marlin Perkins' "While I stand safely downstream, ..." business.
Steve had a daring attitude and a passion for learning and teaching.
I'll miss him. The cheap humor is easy to come by and I can think of a few jokes,
but they would come at the expense of his parents and wife and young kids... I don't have the heart for it.

The outpouring of grief has been likened by the British press to the display that followed Princess Diana's untimely death. There have been detractors, including one actress dingbat who snarled, "The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin".
Ed. Note - Germaine Greer , I found, is more of a withered flower child and
shock authoress than an actress
I loved the last line of this opinion piece.

Cultural studies lecturer Dr Karen Brooks said even though there was nothing in common between Irwin and Princess Diana, the reaction to their deaths had strong parallels.

"In Britain, they're calling Steve's death our Diana," the University of the Sunshine Coast academic and media commentator said.

"There's a sense in which the outpouring of grief and the shock has been very similar."

The Irwin family seem nonplussed at all the fuss over Steve, a man described by his grieving father Bob as just an ordinary bloke.

The Irwins have already turned down an offer of a state funeral.

Diana, killed in a Paris road crash in 1997, was farewelled at a Westminster Abbey service which featured Elton John performing a Diana-ised version of Candle In The Wind.

There's been talk of a memorial service at
Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium for Steve Irwin,
but hopefully no bright spark
will suggest enlisting Sir Elton
to sing "Crocodile Rock" if that event goes ahead.


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