Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Tempus Fugit", isn't that Latin for "Hot Fudge" ??

Having cooked some really fine meals at home,
I hauled up the water smoker and
smoked some ribs (spare ribs ,long ends mostly)
at Dad's campsite Tuesday, the Fourth.

They were the worst I have made.
I didn't start with enough coals so the heat never got up to where it needed to be,
adding more charcoal during cooking made the meat too smoky, and the thickest pieces looked suspiciously rare. Though the riblets on the bottom rack just above the water pan came out Tasty, the ribs were only barely edible. Disappointing, but the rest of the meal was good, and Dad and Mom had some hot dogs to keep the kids satisfied.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade;
when oversmoked-under-cooked ribs, make soup!

We had great green bean soup Wednesday and Thursday!

Life is good, been too busy to blog about it.
Saw "Superman Returns" and "Click" at the Drive-In Theater
last week. I need to write about it.

Jimmie Bratcher was at church last weekend.
Great blues music!! Got a CD - "Red" .
Wow. Great sound.

Also his book about living your dreams,
and not taking them to the grave...
thoughts that had been troubling me even before I saw 'Click'.
The film has a strong message among
the silly Adam Sandler potty humor.
"Tempus Fugit."

Not a new thought of course, no popular Latin quote is,
but as we age , the weight of its truth shakes us- well, me.
"Time Flies. "

Sure does, and though I know the journey ends beyond the grave,
the speed of the travel is sometimes breathtaking.
I don't know if my tombstone will be as interesting as this .
But that man left something to ponder.

"All the little things in life add up to your life.
If you don't get it right then nothing else matters.
It gets lonely in the promised land by yourself."

So glad to spend the 4th with family.
So blessed to have them. So many memories,
some deluxe genuine pit BBQ quality,
and some poorly cooked ones

....but those make the BEST soup later!

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