Friday, July 07, 2006

Almost Heroic

The company I work for has a "Hero's Corner" in
its newsletters . These accounts of Awareness,
Courage , Compassion, and sometimes True Bravery
are good reading.
A co-worker in Brooklyn relates the following story...

I almost made the Hero's Corner.

I saw two teens breaking into a car.
I recognized the car as one from my route,
so I called 911 and gave a description of the car and of the youths.
When the Police arrived and nabbed the youths they claimed it was their father's car.

The Police allowed them to use their cell phone to call their father to come out of the apartment building where they lived.
He showed his ID and vouched for his own kids.
They said they were just bored and wanted to see if they could break into their father's own car.
After the Police left I told him I was the one who called and that I didn't recognize his kids.
I added that I couldn't figure out why anyone would break into their own family car. That's why I called 911. He told me it's was ok, he understood.
After I walked away I heard him yelling
and as I turned I saw him slap one kid
across the head yelling, “Give it to me!”
The kid handed him something.
One of the neighbors later told me the kids
were after his stash of pot,
which he hides in the glove compartment.

I almost made it.


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WomanHonorThyself said...

well jeez...nice concept hero of the week..They should do that in my office!..:)