Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why I Love 'Best of the web'...

..Because, out of all the headlines, in all the papers ,

James Taranto finds ones like these:

'This Isn't a Truly Diverse Place, Not for Hildabeasts'
"College Votes to Let In Male 'Hildabeasts' "--headline, Guardian (London), June 8

Is There a Doctor in the House?

"Health Status of Ill. Politician Unknown"--headline, Associated Press, June 7

Then Again, They May Be Dead

"Fossil Mounds May Be Oldest Life on Earth"--headline,, June 7

You Thought It Was Supposed to Say 'Thou Shalt Now Commit Adultery'?
"Panel Edits Ten Commandments"--headline, Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.), June 7

Must've Been Pretty Wrinkled
"Gonzalez Backers Press Suit After 6 Years"--headline, Associated Press, June 7

That's a Lot to Drink
"Two Stranded Near Mathers Gorge on Potomac"--headline, WRC-TV Web site (Washington), June 7

Bad News for Chile First Lady

"Honeymoon May Be Over for Chile President"--headline, Associated Press, June 6

Where's Don Quixote When You Need Him
"Residents Debate Windmills on Great Lakes"--headline, Associated Press, June 6

It's Bush's Fault!

"Hurricanes Delete Fate From Cup Equation"--headline, USA Today, June 7

What Would Heroin Users Do Without Drug Experts?
"Drug Experts Advise Extra Precautions in Heroin Use"--headline, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 6

Why Not Just Go Cold Turkey?

"Bush Admin. Wants to Cut Meth Use 15 Pct."--headline, Associated Press, June 1

Next Reuters Exposé: Check Not Always in Mail
"Virginity Pledgers Often Dishonest About Past"--headline, Reuters, June 1

South Vietnam and East Germany Are Back!
"Nations Split at AIDS Meeting"--headline, Thanh Nien News (Vietnam), June 2

'They Don't Take American Express'
"Songwriter Charged With Growing Pot"--headline, Associated Press, June 1

A Good Reason to Move to the Suburbs

"Nicole Kidman's Urban Sex Ban"--headline, BANG Showbiz, June 1

What Would Earth Do Without JAXA?

"JAXA: Small Asteroids Not as Threatening to Earth"--healdine,, June 2

Cliff Was Pretty Relieved Too
"Brooklyn Woman Rescued After 24 Hours on Cliff"--headline, WNBC-TV Web site (New York), June 2

Thanks for the Tip!--LXXVII
"Health Tip: Save Your Feet From Blisters"--headline, HealthDayNews, June 2

'Win One for the Zipper'
"Clinton's Visit to Put Zip in Dems' Fundraising Plans"--headline, Denver Post, June 7