Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Got Phobia?

So then 668 is - Neighbor of the beast.
Was June 6th ,666 the 'Yahtzee' of the beast?

Amazing how many people are fixated on 666.
There are pages and pages of google links to the
Roman numeral and Binary number that equal 666.
Many are tshirt sellers and garage quality rock bands,
lots of people apparantly wish to identify themselves with the beast,
reminds me of the folks with large tats and extreme piercings
whose sense of self worth is directly proportional to the number
of little old ladies and milquetoasts they intimidate.

That the calendar says 6 6 6 ,
or the total at the register is $6.66,
or your cough syrup brand is 666
is meaningless.
Never the less, there IS signifigance in the Number,
the Mark, and the Image of the Beast,
and Revelation is the only book of the Bible
that pronounces a blessing on its readers,
so read it for yourself.

Of the opinions on the meaning of '666' recapped here,
this seemed the least speculative:

"I confess that I don't know what this number means.
I am certain, however, that there are more than 666 interpretations.
Everyone seems to have an opinion. Since God doesn't explain the meaning,
apparently it's not important for us to know....
...The reason God gave us any information at all,
I believe, is so that believers alive in that day will
have a clear identifying sign that the one in world power
is Satan's masterpiece."
(J. Dwight Pentecost, Prophecy for Today, 1961, p.114)

This may not post till the 7th...
Superstition? ...BUZZZZZZ.
Conspiracy? ...BUZZZZZZ.
World Dominion? ...BUZZZZZZ.
Slow Inarticulate Writer? DING !!

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