Saturday, August 08, 2009

"O" - This Fall on A B C

It looks like the Obama worship will be parodied by none other than ABC this fall.

See this preview in which:

the world awakens to new overlords hovering above the populace like czars or commisars,

a charming face and soft demeanor disguise an agenda obvious to a few though invisible to most,

young people are enthralled by the 'coolness' of the leader who is worshiped for spreading "hope" and gifts,

the 'watchdog' press has its choke chain jerked,

those who won't bow the knee are not reasoned with but chided for refusing 'change',

false messiah topples a symbol of THE Messiah,

and the soft, cuddly hope and change army reveals a cold-blooded reptilian core.
Watch it here.

Looks like the only things left out are Styrofoam Greek columns

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