Friday, June 12, 2009

Pray for your President.

...besides, class, decorum and propriety far beyond that of leftists,
this is the reason that assassination chic hasn't caught on with
the right in Obama's term like it did during George W. Bush's administration.

Long life to you , Mr. President.


innominatus said...

Sound advice. I already do, and my church does too. He needs prayer and the country needs prayer. Besides, I can't even mouth the words "President Pelosi" without getting cramps.

Wolfman George said...

Remember! Joe Biden is only one assasin's bullet away from the White House!

I think that thought even scares the hell out of Democrats!

George Relation said...

@innominatus You are joking right ? Please dont mess up the politics and the prays

Andrew said...

Its an sound advice...great to know about this..

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