Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush Critics Call for More Troops in Iraq

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Headline: "Bush Critics Call for More Troops in Iraq" !
Of course, that was an AP story from Thursday, June 30, 2005.

Sen. John Kerry, Bush's Democratic opponent in last year's presidential election, told NBC's "Today" show that the borders of Iraq "are porous" and said "we don't have enough troops" there.
Sen. Joseph Biden Jr., appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," disputed Bush's notion that sufficient troops are in place.
"I'm going to send him the phone numbers of the very generals and flag officers that I met on Memorial Day when I was in Iraq," the Delaware Democrat said. "There's not enough force on the ground now to mount a real counterinsurgency."
Biden argued, "The course that we are on now is not a course of success. He (Bush) has to get more folks involved. He has to stand up that army more quickly."

I heard a Pelosi quote from Meet the Press in which she called for more troops also.

What will we hear from the critics tomorrow?

We need victory in Iraq, something Bush's critics will continue to thwart.
I don't know if more troops is the answer, Mike Reagan says we out number the insurgents 20-1 now. We may just need to rework rules of engagement that prevent our troops from doing what they are trained to do.

I've seen a sign in a nearby window- "Support our troops, bring them home." Bull.
Let's support our troops, and their mission. Let's resolve to settle for nothing less than victory. It will take military and diplomatic action, and moral and political resolve to win.
We must win in Iraq. The veiled threats of withholding funding for the "Surge" by Sen."Bulge" Kennedy are trial baloons for defeat in Iraq, which would embolden terrorists.

Here's some good news : 50 terrorists killed, 20 captured in Baghdad Tuesday!

A highlight- "At one point, insurgents fired machine guns and RPGs from a mosque, prompting U.S. forces to return fire, Damon said." A good sign, if the forces (500 Iraqi, and 400 US in this battle) are willing to shoot back -even if the enemy hides in a mosque.

A lowlight- At story's end, CNN. com lists the running tally of US and UK "fatalities in Iraq".
At the risk of seeming morbid in this 'Age of Sensitivity', I'd like to know how many terrorists we are capturing or killing.

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Chris said...

They need to return fire to the mosques, (which they have been doing as needed) and use excessive force to badly damage said mosque, and then use propoganda (okay, PR) to loudly blame the damage on the "insurgents" and thereby get the population to pressure the bad guys to move on to another neighborhood.