Saturday, August 12, 2006

Leisure Suits, Rainbow Afros, 8-Tracks and Disco...

Will fantasy football seem as
as disco in 10 years?

A letter writer to Sports Illustrated thought so this week ,
in response to the huge Fantasy Football issue of SI
- that I missed out on at the newstand. Rats.

I hate the thought of pony-ing up 6- 9 bucks for another fantasy draft guide that was printed two months ago, so I'll glean what info I can online from some reliable sources and get the Real scouting report from my sports crazed 14 year old son.
Will FF be as popular as disco is in ten years?
Perhaps, but draft day is tomorrow,
so it's time to pre-FUBAR* my draft order
so I can start off in a hole like I did the last two years.
(A 1-4 start in 2004 and 2-3 in 2005, though I ended up as runner-up both years )
This year the draft will be more critical,
I think, as there are 14 teams in the league and the good waiver
picks and up and comers will be tougher to snap up.
Fantasy football, gone like 8-tracks?

Maybe someday, after all, the phrase
"this too shall pass"
has nearly universal application.

But now it's time to pick a team name:

Two years ago it was "Holy Moley" - a favorite phrase
of the Huskers late radio man Lyle Bremser.
Made the final game... and lost.

I chose 'Possum Lodge' last year ,in Red Green's honor.
Made the final game again... lost again .

I'll continue on this season with the Lodge motto as the name:
"Quando Omni Flunkus Mortati ".
(When all else fails, play dead)

Hmmmm only 20 characters allowed.
"QuandoOmniFlunkus..." just fits.

When all else fails... OK . That works.

Got to customize a Yahoo avatar, more fun than the
15 or 20 helmets you get to choose as a logo.
There we go, a reasonable facsimile of me-sort of-

with a rainbow afro wig,

just need a leisure suit to go with it.

Now I'm ready for some football!


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