Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Men of Honor Dinner

My son (13) and I went to a men's dinner at Church last night.
Great meal, good entertainment, recognition of men for work in
various ministries in our local church- a few of which I wasn't aware of .
I was honored with a framed certificate and a cool travel cup
for working with the preschoolers. It's nice to be appreciated,
though the 2-3 hours I spend every other Sunday is dwarfed
by the time and talent given by so many other guys.

I was humbled to stand with them, and encouraged to press in
to Christ, and press onward to His plan for the ministry He has me in.

I get to lead the kids in praise and worship.
Kids are so honest, if they are not participating,
they show it on their face and in their actions, while adults
can look like they are praising God, worshiping him,
and their mind can be elsewhere.

When the kids get an understanding of who God is, and respond to Him,
its a beautiful thing, a powerful thing, a necessary thing.

They don't worship a "junior Jesus" or a "pint-sized Holy Spirit"
as David and Kathie Walters have written

We must learn to see as God sees. When Pharaoh's daughter saw Moses, she saw a no doubt cute little baby, but when God saw Moses in the little basket, He saw Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, & Numbers. God has big vision.

It isn't the size of their understanding, it's the size of their God that makes all the difference.
True for us (supposed ) grown-ups too!

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