Saturday, February 11, 2006

Busy week

Busy week, like most.
We went to Dan and Ciel's - friends of ours, Mary used to work with Dan.
Dan sells Home Theatre systems for mansions so we got to watch the game
on a billboard sized screen in HD. Mary even watched most of the game,
it was a great view, except for when the camera was looking over
the Pittsburg D-line and their Right Tackle stuck his fat butt
right into the room, it was pretty gross.
We ate well, Dan has a Cookshack smoker, and smoked and chopped pork roasts
(Boston Butt, how fitting after that visual!) for sandwiches, and potlucked sides and desserts- terrific.
Been working on getting items listed on Ebay,
Old Play Station, Cleats the kids outgrew, and some misc.
I used their software to create the listings, but it is barebones stuff,
I get only error messages as I try to upload the listings.

<...20 minutes of frustration later...>


  • Terry and Mary's Friendly Market

  • Ten hours of work for a few dollars,
    just like owning a real store!

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