Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Twas the night before SCOTUS

Twas the night before SCOTUS,
and throughout Twittersphere,
2/3 rds are hopeing -overturn will be here !

@delrayser put out cookies and milk
Ginsberg's lactose intolerant,
he'll leave her some Silk.

@jamestaranto cant sleep , with excitement he's filled,
keeps HA HA HA HA-ing till each lefty is drilled.

When what to my twinkling monitor appears
but thousands of Tweets saying SCOTUS draws near

Chief Justice Roberts,
leaps out of his sled
with a thousand page decision
"Obamacare's dead"

Then he jumps to the limo ,
away he does dash,
as Barack's crown achievement
comes down with a crash.

"Down death panels,
down mandates,
down HHS discretion"
 and Progs did cry out ,
from every direction.

and as commerce clause faded
 in morning's new light,
Thank you SCOTUS from all
 for getting this right.

---I hope.
Crap, I'm turning into Aaron Sorkin,