Monday, February 01, 2010

The National Debt Road Trip

The folks at Political Math likens the growth of government debt to a road trip.

For most of the first 150 years the car idled along at 5mph
Then in the depression and WWII FDR upped it to 40 mph.
Truman backed down the debt at -20 mph
Avg. was 3 mph till Reagan 50mph.
GHWB 63 mph
Clinton 18 MPH
GWB 64 mph the fastest in history.

Obama's own 8 year plan
shows that he plans to drive the debt car at 174 mph.

My brother said "Obama accelerates to 174,
puts his feet up on the dash and complains at how fast the last guy was speeding ! "
See the video here:

Another great illustration: