Friday, July 18, 2008

A few things that I never thought 30 years ago

Our 30 year reunion is this week.
Amazing how the years fly past.

My High School is one of only two in America
(probably anywhere else as well)
to have "Bunnies" as the mascot-
hence the eponymous 'Grey Hares' greeting.

A pre-reunion profile @
Subject- "I never thought 30 years ago that..."

Hello, Grey Hares! Hope you are well.

"Me? I've been a few places,Mostly here and there once or twice.Still sortin'
out life, but I'm doing alright."-Rascal Flatts :"These Days"
-A few things that I never thought 30 years ago-

I never thought I'd be a country music fan,but I am one.

Some other things I've done or been that I wouldn't have imagined in 1978 are: Salesman, Telemarketer, Soldier, Council Bluffs resident, Surgical Technologist, War Veteran, Mailman, Blogger.What a ride!

I married my Bride, Mary in April of 1989.She is from Henderson, NE.
We have a son , Steve who is 16, Daughters Rachel -13, and Libby, 11.
The kids are doing well in school, and are pretty good athletes, too.
Steve is a pitcher and first baseman,
(H.S baseball is a Summer sport in Iowa, so they are just gearing up for the season as I write this in May, 2008),
the girls are playing club soccer, both are brave,
tenacious goalies.
Most of our spare time is spent on the sidelines of one sport or another.

Looking forward to the reunion in July, hope you are , too.

There are lots of things about life that I never would have imagined thirty years ago.
I never would have imagined that I would find faith in God to be central to life. I thought faith was a crutch for the weak-minded, fact is, it's more of a stretcher than a crutch. Good thing, we all need to be carried, we can't 'clean up our act' enough to enter Heaven through our own striving, but through faith.

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Regards, Terry

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