Saturday, April 12, 2008

IRS Economic Stimulus Calculator Calendar and Estimator

Thought you'd find this handy,
Here is the website for IRS information on the Schedule of Payments:,,id=180250,00.html

Also you can answer some questions from your tax form
to get an estimate of the $ amount of your "Economic Stimulus" .

Our estimated check is higher than I thought 'twould be.
While we won't return the cash,
I have doubts about the effectiveness of redistribution tactics like this.

If a Government check for a few hundred dollars
to everyone is a cure for a slow economy,
wouldn't checks for several thousand dollars be better?

(Just for fun, I reran the estimator with 99 dependants,
it estimated my rebate at $30900 !!)

If a minimum wage of $7.50 is good, isn't a
minimum wage of $50 an hour better?


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