Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa State Law...

... requires me to blog about the caucus, so...

We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, and after some housekeeping details for the local committee, representatives of candidates were asked to speak on behalf of their candidates.

I met some college kids from AZ and CA in town to work for Ron Paul.
One of them gave a short , emotional sales pitch for the earnest Congressman. Another
Paul-iac tried to impress the middle aged crowd with the definitions of Neo-Liberal and Neo-Conservative he had learned at Granola State Community College, or where ever the hell the pony-tailed Poli-Sci major was from - it was less than motivational.

My next door neighbor - as Romney's precinct Captain - read a letter from Romney to the crowd, and the other candidates were promoted by their supporters in 1-2 minute speeches.

One old fella went on a tirade about the "Fair Tax" that was mentioned on a Huckabee
flier. He wanted everyone to "understand what that fair tax was ",
then misrepresented it for a minute or so.

The Huckabee poll worker asked for 15 seconds to straighten out the misconceptions that were raised, recieved the time and did so.

When everyone who wished to speak had spoken, ballots were passed out and a secret ballot was taken.
There was some confusion as one young man who was inelegible to vote had cast a ballot for Ron Paul.
The count of those registered and ballots cast was thus reconciled, and the results were official.

I voted for Fred Thompson.

Here's the results.
Fred Thompson-9

So, I finished tied with Rep. Hunter,
and only a percent or two behind him in the entire state!
Not bad!!

-On the dark side-
Of 220,000 Dems, 154,000 stood up to say
"Hell no, Hillary."
It's a start.
Though the boobs they voted FOR aren't much either.

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