Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just shoot ME.

I came home to hear the sounds of the season...
Kids crying, Mom yelling,must be time
for the Christmas Card photo shoot.

Each photo is worth a thousand words.
We are so proud of these kids,
though sometimes,
not as much.
Merry Christmas.

Here's a keeper- 3 of them I'd say.


Chris said...

Very nice...amazing how fast they grow up! Merry Christmas!

Cookie..... said...

Terry_Jim, O/T...just now saw your comment on one of my earlier posts...Loved the Hillary 08 T-Shirt. I've gotta get me one of those...

Oh...I see you've got a Sheltie. Had one for 13 dog I've ever owned...

WomanHonorThyself said...

Luv it my friend!...bootiful fam dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry_Jim said...

Thanks, Angel
we are alternately proud of them and ready to throttle them, especially the teenager, but we sure love 'em!
The title of the post is ironic considering the shooting across the river in Omaha today.

My Wife and I were shopping in Omaha a couple of miles East of there when the rampage occurred.

A depressed young man took his step dad's rifle and , in his words, "went out in style".

Local coverage is wall to wall, as you might imagine,since this is the biggest crime in Nebraska since the Starkweather murders in the '50's .

A horrific event, in a place I'm familiar with.

Strangely ,I felt a bit of relief when the reports were fleshed out and it was clear that this was a lone shooter and not a piece of a larger terrorist plan.