Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Beside that, Mrs.Lincoln, how was the play?

I had a fine birthday yesterday,
great weather, one of the nicest Nov 7th in memory.

Work went well, had a nice supper at home.
Hugs and kisses from the kids,
a nice eCard from Mom , eMail greetings and salutations,
and a card from my brother with an invitation
to go to the Glenn Beck Christmas Show with Dad and two of my brothers
in December- cool .

A good birthday,
other than
that whole 'losing GOP control of Congress' thing!

Beside that and the lost sleep,
I feel better now,
as the weirdest song I've ever heard said:
"I feel better than James Brown,
How do you feel?"

Scott Ott has a funny Top Ten,

Here's required reading from Donald Luskin
for the electorally despondent.

Larry Kudlow says," Republicans may have lost
but the conservative ascendancy is still alive and well.",
as many Dem gains are "Blue Dog Dems" .

We can get through this.

And as we turn the page (er, Mr. Foley, that's just a figure of speech),
what measure can we take of the 109th Congress to look at the 110th
results in 2008 ?

OK, let's see...

-4.4% unemployment, that is,95.6% employment, the glass is nearly full.

-Record Home Ownership.

-Record Black Home Ownership.

- only 2% of Americans make minimum wage
most of them high school students
(versus 10% 15 years ago, if I heard that right on Hugh Hewitt)

-No major terrorist attacks on our soil in 5+ years.

-Record Dow Jones Industrials Index.
Go ahead now,
Make it better for us, Nancy and Harry.

See you in two years.