Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've got some good news and some bad news...

A Quote From: Hell's Best Kept Secret
Our churches are full of the nicest, kindest people who have never known the despair of guilt or the breathless wonder of forgiveness.-P. T. Forsyth
Of course, secular institutions, religious, spiritual non christian groups, and the blogosphere are filled with these people as well.
"I've got some good news and some bad news."
Ever hear any stories that start that way?
To grasp the good news you need the context of the bad.

Likewise, the "Good News" proclaimed at Easter makes no sense
without a grasp of the Bad News.
We all need to know where we stand in
relation to God, here's a way you can do that.

What are His standards?
(Hint: They aren't the Ten Suggestions.)

Do we fall short of them?
(Hint: Be honest, have you ever lied?Stolen?
Coveted something that wasn't yours? I have.
That makes me a lying greedy thief according

to God's judgement. Bad News.)

What is the penalty for failure?
(Hint: The opposite of Heaven is ...yep, more Bad News.)

See, what makes the "Good News" of Jesus Christ's
resurrection 'good news' is the bad news of our culpability,
our failure to know God because we have broken His law.

When you know the misery and hopelessness of your guilt,
you will be able to find the breathless wonder He freely
gives in Christ.

Happy Easter,

Happy Resurrection Day!

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